Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Writing Great Books for Young Adults" By Regina Brooks

I've just completed this instructional book on how to craft the next best-selling Young Adult novel. It was a wonderful read full of valuable information. It sets itself apart from other books on writing because while Brooks explains the basics, she adds in snippets from her experience as a successful agent. Nothing is clearer than hearing the words straight from an agents mouth or reading them from the pages of a book they've penned. These are the people who I'm trying to get into contact with-in attempting to be a YA author-and reading advice, suggestions, and success and fail stories sheds light on the experience. Whether you're about to start a YA novel, have one or even several completed, or are simply entertaining the idea of breaking into this market, I recommend this book. Brooks introduces concepts you might not have considered and they are easily applied to a ready manuscript. It never hurts to apply a fresh polish to it either.

I'm going to try and gear this blog toward reading and writing. I'm an avid reader of the genre I love to write in-Paranormal/Fantasy YA and read as many books as I can get my hands on. I'll post reviews and recommendations soon and I'm open to any you might have as well.

Good Reading :)

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