Friday, March 14, 2014

WINNER Love is in the air GIVEAWAY

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There isn’t a way to list all the reasons why I love my husband, though since today is our five year anniversary, I’m going to attempt to jot down a few!

And afterward I’m giving away some of my favorite romantic reads!!! Up for grabs is EBOOKS of FULL MEASURES by Rebecca Yarros, LOSING IT by Cora Carmack, EFFORTLESS WITH YOU by Lizzy Charles, and ROAD TO SOMEWHERE by Jenny Morris & Kelley Lynn! 

There are a ton of gifs below so I’ll understand if you want to skip straight to the bottom and enter the giveaway! :) 

To my husband on our five year anniversary,
I love you because...

When I wake up next to you in the morning I feel so happy and complete I’m all: 

You never judge me when something that shouldn’t be funny at all makes me: 

Your eyes never glaze over when I talk about the same plot I’ve been working on for the past six months....again...instead you’re always: 

You do this every time I make a joke...even if it’s lame: 

After five years you can walk into the room and I’m still overcome with the immeasurable joy that you’re entirely mine...forever! 

Your reaction when I show you a completely malicious critique of my work: 

And what you’d tell the person who attacked my work if you could: 

You’re the only person who can get me to smile when I’m seeing red: 

You support my obsession with all things sweet:

And how when I say something completely stupid you aren’t: 

Instead you’re sweet and all: 

When I ask you to make dinner you simply rock it out: 

Because when Lexi and I both need a laugh you bust out some serious dance moves: 

And you’re the only one who can make me laugh when I’m emotional and bawling and questioning my roles as a mother and an author:

There are a million more reasons why I love you and you create new ones every day.

The only thing I’d ever change about our pasts is the possibility of meeting you sooner. I know we were best friends for four years before we realized what was right in front of us, but even if it only meant we were friends for longer, I’d take it. Since the day you walked into my life each second has gotten better than the next and my heart nearly bursts visualizing the future. Thanks for nearly a decade of friendship and five incredible years of marriage. I love you, more than you could ever know. 

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