Friday, April 25, 2014

BURN ME special excerpt by Shelley Watters!

An excerpt from BURN ME by Shelley Watters, out April 29th 2014 from Swoon Romance:

“What the f—” He tried to shield himself from the spray with his hands, which ricocheted some back toward her. She turned to avoid getting hit in the face with the overspray but kept up the attack. That’d teach him to brush her off when she was trying to tell him something important!
The surprise on his face made her laugh so hard it brought tears to her eyes. But she couldn’t drop the attack or she’d be in for it.
“Stop that!” he growled and lunged for her.
She ducked to the side and swung the nozzle of the hose back in his direction.
“Kat!” He dove for her again.
Her heel caught the curb behind her and she lost her balance. His thick arms wrapped around her waist as they tumbled onto the grass.
Kat laughed and tried to roll away. But his arms stayed firmly planted around her, his face a few inches away. His hot breath puffed against her lips.
“That wasn’t very nice.” The rumble of his deep voice vibrated against her chest.
“You deserved it.” She tried to wriggle free, but the friction of her body against his only succeeded in making an ache deep in the pit of her stomach flare.
“Did I?” He smiled a mischievous half-smile. His chocolate eyes darkened.
“Yes.” Her heartbeat quickened at the way he watched her tongue dart out of her mouth to wet her lips.
“Well you deserve this … ” 
Kat opened her mouth to protest when he captured her mouth with his. The heat simmering deep in her body roared to life. His lips were soft against hers and she could sense his hesitation.

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