Monday, December 8, 2014

5 Star Review: EYES TURNED SKYWARD by Rebecca Yarros

Just incase you missed the release blog with the giveaway and synopsis, below you'll find the blurb for EYES TURNED SKYWARD by Rebecca Yarros! Followed by my personal review of my favorite read of the year! 


Since her sister's death, twenty-year-old Paisley Donovan, who shares her sister’s heart condition, is treated like delicate glass by her parents. But nothing will stop her from completing her Bucket List—even if it kills her. And it almost does, until Jagger Bateman pulls her from the ocean and breathes more than air into her lungs—he sets her soul on fire.

Jagger is enrolled in the country's toughest flight school. He's wickedly hot, reckless, and perfect for a girl looking to live life to the fullest. Except that Paisley is the commanding general's daughter, and her boyfriend is Jagger's biggest rival. Now Paisley must decide just how much to risk for a guy who makes her heart pound a little too hard.

They're flying through dangerous territory—and one wrong move could make them crash and burn... 

My Review:

You know how really amazing chefs are able to construct dishes that play on each taste-bud and every piece of your pallet? Well, the same concept can be applied to really incredible authors and Rebecca Yarros is one of them. Instead of taste-buds, it's the readers emotions--though she does have a knack for making you want popcorn and m&ms mixed together! If you've read her first book, FULL MEASURES, then this isn't news to you, but I'm here to say that her follow up novel, EYES TURNED SKYWARD, is just as mind blowing.

Yarros touches the heart, pushes your buttons, tests your limits, and fires up all your passion cylinders to capacity. There isn't one note of human emotion that this woman doesn't hit in Eyes Turned Skyward and it doesn't come out looking like you threw everything you had in the fridge into a bowl and then heated it, Yarros's ability to effortlessly weave together complex emotions with fantastic characters and edge of your seat story-lines is absolutely epic. The woman has talent beyond compare and, if I may say, a super awesome collection of wicked hot and swoon worthy male leads! And her female leads never disappoint either, all are strong, confident women you'd love to be friends with or strive to behave like. Hell, Yarros' secondary characters turn out so good, readers demand for their own novels. Hence, Eyes Turned Skyward, starring the delicious Jagger Bateman we all drooled over in Full Measures.

Jagger Bateman. He's the character that made me do a double take in Full Measures and he completely stole my hear in Eyes Turned Skyward. He knows what he wants, will never compromise, and does everything over 100%--even when he unexpectedly falls in love. And watching what first time real love (as opposed to his normal playboy ways) does to him is something to marvel at. It doesn't change him where he is unrecognizable, but does what any real love should, makes him the best version of himself. And watching that arc unfold is incredible.

Paisley Donovan is a breath of fresh air in the leading lady role. She's strong, even when dealt a really terrible hand in life. Sharing the heart condition that killed her sister is like walking around with a ticking time bomb inside of her and her choices on how to handle the situation are incredible. She isn’t going to lay down and die. She isn’t going to let anything stop her from checking off every task on her bucket list. And she sure as hell isn’t going to ignore the passion that Jagger brings into her world--no matter what her parents say. 

Her journey through tragedy is above par and the strength and wisdom she demonstrates is beyond admirable. And when Jagger enters her life, Paisley that's not enough...she damn near explodes with a fire she didn't know possible. He challenges her, elevates her, and treats her like the strong woman she is, not like some piece of glass as everyone else in her life does. 

Their scenes together are a fire risk for sure but what is really wonderful about this novel is Yarros' ability to write from two character point of views and having the reader never wanting to leave either of their heads. Their voices are so distinct, so real, and so engaging that each character makes you root for them and each of their arcs are seamlessly woven together to bring on one amazing climax. 

Eyes Turned Skyward hits every emotional note you have and others you didn't even know existed. The pace keeps you reading late into the night and the chemistry between Jagger and paisley will leave you breathless. And their story will make your heart skip a beat.

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