Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIN a Slyvia Day Autographed Kindle Case + 2 ebooks!

Wrap your kindle up in something HOT this Holiday Season! Enter below to win a Kindle Case signed by SYLVIA DAY and two ebooks of her's up to $9.99 each! 

My amazing friend--the incredible Author Rebecca Yarros--and myself acquired this smoldering gem at UtopYA 2014! I know, I know, it has been months since the conference actually happened! Well, life happened when I got home, new baby on the way and raising a toddler, writing, editing, critiquing, and then the awesome PitchWars yes, I’ve had a hard time getting around to this giveaway...please forgive me! But, it’s here now, perfect for the holiday season! 

We were so lucky to not only attend this amazing conference last June, but we also got to hear Sylvia Day give an enchanting speech. I mean, the woman knows her stuff. She imparted so much wisdom in those two hours, I found myself wanting to write down her every word, but resisted the urge in order to really tune in. The most valuable and memorable words of advice that I took away from her is to always place worth on yourself. 

Now this can be a daily struggle for anyone, but for writers, it is also a hard feat to accomplish. Many of us are self-doubters and if anyone ever pays attention to our work, or gasp, likes it, then we’re shocked! Flattered but shocked. And Sylvia Day encouraged us all to not treat being an author as a matter of ‘being lucky enough that someone liked us and wanted to buy our work.’ She urged us to not jump at any offer, just because we feel no one else will ever sign us. To not place such a low worth on ourselves and our work that we take shady deals in the hopes that our books will somehow make it through the muck. She implored us to find our worth, own it, and use it to fuel our passions and channel them into the business side of writing. And that, my friends, is something I’ll never forget. So, thanks to Sylvia Day, we all left that room heads held higher, confidence levels rising, and with the pure sense of camaraderie one can only get when surrounded by like minded individuals. And, hey, bonus! We got to meet the wonderful woman afterward and had her sign this awesome Kindle Case. A sweet present to snuggle below this virtual tree for one of you to win! Just enter the rafflecopter below :) 

US only please!
Happy Reading!!! 

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